1. What is so special about this footwear?

To be very honest, it is just simple footwear. Made using the best organic leather. And it is handmade. Created by artisans who have learned the art from their forefathers. An art that has been passed down over close to two centuries. Every pair takes around 15-20 days to make and goes well with almost any outfit you wear.

2. Does DH footwear smell like leather?

As a matter of fact, it does. But not like the leather you might be used to. This is owing to the unique vegetable tanning process that uses the bark of the Babul tree.

3. Do you make DH footwear in different widths? What if I have a wide foot?

DH footwear will have a standard width when you first receive them. Because of the flexible woven leather upper, the footwear will adjust in width the more you wear them.

 4. Do you have 1/2 sizes?

If you're typically in-between shoe sizes, we recommend rounding down (going with the smaller one) since DH footwear will stretch slightly as they're broken in. You’ll easily find a pair of DH footwear that fits you comfortably.

 5. What are the chances of having a shoe bite?

Apologies to your pretty feet we wish to pamper so much! The unique footwear actually has some primitive science attached to it. Initially it MAY hurt, but it’s just the process of the leather flexing itself to match the unique shape of your feet! Once it assumes the shape of your feet, try walking without it!

6. Can I wear DH footwear during monsoon?

We hate to say it, but it is recommended not to wear DH footwear during monsoon.

7. It feels slippery while I am walking in it. Why so?

Because we did not wish to spoil the design by adding friction. But then we have tested the product. And our research confirms that, within 2-3 walks in the footwear, the leather sole below will develop a grip.

8. Are they Unisex?

Absolutely! Though men’s and women’s footwear differ in fitting, at the end of the day they look just the same. Be it on a man’s or a woman’s feet!

 9. My question is not mentioned in the FAQs. What should I do?

Call +919773312870/ +919773674085 for direct assistance or email us at desihangover@gmail.com